Comedy as a

Catalyst to Education

Life is but a Pantomime

The project aims to take up to 100 young people through a 17-week programme to gain up to 4 qualifications within the creative industries. Young people will gain confidence, transferable skills and knowledge of the arts. As a result, the young people will create and perform a bespoke pantomime which they have created throughout the programme.

Motivational & Keynote Speeches

Anna is a renowned and well sought after host and speaker; once seen, never forgotten!

Previous events:

  • Chris McQueer’s book launch (with 404 ink)
  • UWS Annual Dinner 2017 / 2018
  • Scottish Training Federation 2016
  • Princes Trust True Colours Event
  • CHS Scotland
  • Year of the Young People
  • Scottish Edge Final
  • Wevolution
  • Social in the Gardens
  • Various School Award Ceremonies

Primary School Workshops

Laughter after Lunchtime – a 2 hour workshop tailored for Primary 6 & 7’s for the transition into High School, confidently.

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