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Tailored teaching using proven techniques.


Multi-award winning program for all ages.


SCQF / SQA (transferable QCF, CQFW, MFQIE & Europe)


"the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something."

54% of Pupils & Teachers say

confidence is the most important

skill to learn in school

Who are we?

Our charity was created to benefit young people in local communities across Scotland (branching out into the wider United Kingdom). The charity aims to close the attainment gap in schools by providing opportunities for disengaged learners to receive a qualification and transferable skills. The charity founded the unique award-winning approach to accredited learning through “Comedy & Confidence” has been recognised by a wide range of stakeholders and has SCQF framework recognition.

What is it?

The project aims to take up to 100 young people through a 17-week programme to gain up to 4 qualifications within the creative industries. Young people will gain confidence, transferable skills and knowledge of the arts. As a result, the young people will create and perform a bespoke pantomime which they have created throughout the programme.


We believe that everyone can learn, but not everyone learns in the same way. We want to provide equal opportunities for young people in our communities to reach their full potential and gain qualifications which they may not have been able to in school. Our goal is for these young people to find confidence in themselves and use this to create their own opportunities.

Who will this benefit?

This project will benefit up young people in YOUR communities who are disengaged from mainstream education, come from a care experience background or need additional support. The project will allow these young people to reach their full potential whilst gaining qualifications and skills such as confidence to enable them to gain employment.

How you can help?

The funding would make a difference to help secure fully funded places for disadvantaged young people to take part and gain these transferable skills and qualifications. By supporting our organisation you will be making a difference in closing the attainment gap and encouraging disadvantaged young people to reach their full potential.

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